What causes an acid imbalance in the body?

The four major contributing factors behind an acid imbalance are:

  • Acid Forming Foods & Drinks:  Regular consumption of highly refined foods, sugars, white flour, meat, alchol, sodas, sports drinks, flavored waters and fried foods increase acids 

  • Stress:  Life stressors create an artficially high production of adrenaline which is a naturally acidic compound.
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals:  Many of the products we routinely use to clean our bodies, our clothes and our homes contain significant concentrations of toxic chemicals.  These chemicals are either taken into our lungs when we breathe or are absorbed by our skin.
  • Impure Water:  Due to improper chemical dumping, run-off of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, incomplete treatment of raw sewage, an overgrowth of microbes and the chemicals used to "clean" our municipal water supplies are often a source of impure tap water.
How does oxidation impact our bodies?

Oxidation is the process by which our bodies break down or "age" biologically.  Each cell in our bodies contain a combination of proteins, minerals and fats.  As these cellular building bocks are exposed to oxidation the fats become rancid, the proteins putrefy which leads to decomposition.  In other words oxidation is truly a systematic destruction of the body resulting in wrinkles, degeneration of bones, organs and glandular systems, a weakening of cellular membranes and a loss of vitality that can lead to disease and death.
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<7 = Acidic    pH7 = Neutral   >7 = Alkaline

Not all water is created equal.  Are you drinking a healthy elixir or a corrosive acid?