About Us
 Committed to our product!!!!!

We consume and promote alkaline water for the following reasons:

  • An Associated Press investigation found a vast array of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans*
  • 900 deaths and 900,000 reported illnesses are attributed to tainted water annually♦
  • Aquafina uses the Detroit River as one of its main water sources**
  • Researchers believe that some plastic water bottles are leaching harmful chemicals into the water
  • 25% of all bottle water is simply untreated tap water**
  • 33% of bottle water tested contained such high levels of synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic that they violated industry standards**

*USA Today 3/10/08
♦American Journal of Nursing, Tainted Water on Tap, Nov. '05
**NDRC, Swimming in Sewage, Fe. '04
 Key Medical Research Findings

Electrolysis Reduce Water (ERW) with reactive oxygen free radical species (ROS) scavenging ability

Reduced the blood glucose concentration

Increased blood insulin level
      Did you know?
The SD501 is a product of
 Osaka Factory
Enagic's own factory is located in Osaka, Japan.

Though many Japanese companies are moving their manufacturing operation offshore. Enagic made a decision to maintain the prestigious label Made In Japan.

Enagic manufactures everything, especially the major critical component, such as electrode board cartridges.